Nude pHOTography

What to Expect with Your Nude Photo Shoot

Many times, I shoot in lower light situations to enhance the sensuality and help you feel more comfortable. There will be just enough light to bring out the highlights in the skin. Often I use shadows to create mood and mystery. I may also elect to use soft diffusion effects to enhance your glow. If we are shooting with strobes, this lower light situation may or may not apply.

Generally, with first time models/clients I will start very slowly to make you feel as comfortable as possible. My patience here is key because this is your first experience with me and perhaps nude/semi-nude photography. My goal is sensuality and a relaxed beauty in the human body form. The images we make together should be filled with passion and grace. After a few minutes it will feel natural to you. Sometimes a small glass of wine might help, or in a few cases, a shot of Tequila! We’ll put on music that matches a fun but sensual mood.

Typically we’ll shoot many shots during assignment. It is advisable that you allow enough time for me to capture the best results that can be achieved. For example, many of my shoots on a single model take 200 shots or more and can take up to 2-4 hours. Of course we take breaks to adjust the cameras, reposition lighting, change outfits or any time our needs may warrant. This is very hard work for both of us but can be an enjoyable time as well.

Expectations: Yours and Mine

What you can expect from me: I will not touch you at any time without your permission, but will direct you in professional poses as needed. You will receive photographs of the highest possible quality I can offer and of your choosing. I will listen and photograph what you wish to do. I promise to listen to you and take your cues. I will however direct you at times through my own eyes and the art of photography. Any pose that I suggest can be overruled by you should you feel uncomfortable. I give you my word…I will treat you professionally and respectfully at every moment.

What I expect from you: I expect, as your photographer, your full attention and cooperation. I expect you to be professional in carrying out the duties of a model/client and to work to the best of your ability. I expect you to cooperate in your poses, but if you are uncomfortable, please let me know. If the goal of this body of work is nude forms, you may be fully nude at some point of the shoot. It will not be required at all times. Furthermore, I promise that I will not use these photos without your prior written consent. You will be asked to sign a standard model release and a copy of your driver's license or other government form of I.D. is required for me to keep on file. This helps insure that all models are 18 years or older and giving their own consent. If you wish your photos to be completely private, let me know and do not sign the standard model release. I respect your privacy and I am here to please you and offer you the highest quality images I can produce.

What you can expect from prints: I shoot only with professional digital cameras and lenses, Nikon at this time. This combination produces the highest degree of quality that can be achieved. Once the shoot is complete, I will personally process the images and burn to CD or DVD. This process usually takes about one week. I will then furnish you with prints you previously chose or a copy of the CD as your negatives. This protects you and your photographs from public consumption. With the purchase of the complete CD, you can process your own prints or use them online or however you may choose.

Hardback Coffee Table Book

Beautiful hardback coffee table books can be created with your selected photos! A great way to capture yourself at your best or to offer as a gift to a loved one or future spouse!