$100 Special through Christmas Only

Business/Casual/Suit &Tie, Shirt & Tie or fully nude and ready!

Shoot as much as you want or can.  

You'll receive your edited images either on CD or DVD or your choice.  Bring your external hard drive or flash/thumb drive if you prefer.  Your privacy and respect of your images is of utmost concern and practice.  (that's why I have so many photos of myself published - not because I don't have others - I will never use someone's images without their specific written signed model release.

Me playing with mostly "Light Painting" ideas.  You have an idea you want to try? Ask me!
Damon - Sept 2012 - practicing with new studio setup using tripod by myself - Need some other people to shoot too!

actually a webcam pic (I was just resting, ha ha)
Shooting using "Black Lights"

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